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if you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with just one girl, who will it be and why?

it would be with angela lysa lorena balacano because i love her very much. she’s amazing. she’s brilliant. she’s beautiful. she’s God’s blessing to this world, and i’m very blessed to have her. :)


i’ll link you up with him lang para you can give him advice! syempre naman. haha

okay! sino siya? :D

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How are your grades?

waaaay better than i expected!

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Ph 104 Th 151 Pos 100 Good teachers for these subjects, please. :) Hindi kailangang easy A basta marami akong matututunan. Last sem na! Kailangan epic! :) Please and thank you!

oops sorry. tapos na yung seniors enlistment :))

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naintriga ako!! aling batch? (kasi diba lahat ng DS block jj. hahaha) kilala ko ba to? :D

i don’t think kilala mo

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What do you think God is doing right now, at this very moment?

loving us

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Describe your dream home.

a simple house with all the necessary stuff would already suffice for me. what matters is the love present between the people inside :D

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A new law enforced each person to have only one color for everything he owned. What color would you choose?


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aldwin, bakit ka nasa block jj? sino nga crush mo? yung mga 3rd yr?

i’m not sure kung block JJ ako pero double major kasi ako ng DS and marami akong classes na kasama sila :) they’re a great block

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Graduating na din ba yung crush mo from JJ? :)


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